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Therapy Session

Therapy 101

Therapy is an extraordinary personal journey and if you would like, I can be your trustworthy guide. Together we will embark on a course that may change your life. This is a very special journey that is as unique as you are. You’ve got the control here. You’ve got the steering wheel, the gas, and the brakes. This means that you have control over the speed and direction of your therapy. You bring therapy where you want it to go. I can be your personal navigator, helping you navigate the path that suits you best. Most importantly, this is your journey and it is my goal to make our work meaningful, relevant, and tailored to meet your individual needs.

You can do this; I can help.

My approach to treatment focuses on YOU, an individual who is unique in your experiences, emotions, thoughts, and dreams. My goals are to be making a strong, supportive connection with you, providing a comprehensive intake to help determine your unique needs, developing a relevant and effective treatment plan, and sustaining a positive, energizing relationship with you that will enable us to work successfully toward reaching your goals. Together, we can take your therapy experience as far as you would like it to go, empowering you to reach your fullest potential.

Individual, small group, family, and couples therapy are available, depending on your specific needs.  Special groups exist in social skills (friendship) group therapy and women’s issues. New groups under consideration include a Walking Women’s Group and a Transitions group for young twenty-somethings who have difficulty launching into independent, thriving lives. Also, feel free to contact me to request a new group that may interest you.

For more information, to discuss your concerns, or to schedule an appointment, please call me at 908-222-1099.

Therapy 101
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